Hi!  I’m glad you’ve come to see if you can help Mr. Doe.  If you don’t start from the beginning, you’ll probably be pretty confused!  And, unfortunately, I never know when he’s going to post next, so the best way to keep up with new episodes is to subscribe on itunes.  I know I should have other options, but I’m not super tech-savvy – I’m working on it though.

I’m so thankful to the musicians who create and share awesome tracks that I can use in the episodes.  Here’s what I used:

SESSION 1: Help needed!  Listen

SESSION 2:  Paranoid?  Listen

  • Kai Engel

    • August (Summer Nights)
    • Delirium
    • Wake Up!
    • A Neon Flesh

SESSION 3: He’s safe!!  Listen

SESSION 4: The Watch  Listen

SESSION 5: Manifesto  Listen

SESSION 6: The Professor Listen 

SESSION 7: Eidolon  Listen