Hi everyone!  My name is Lily McQuail.

I’ve been volunteering in the department of psychiatry at Jefferson for a couple months to help my college application.  While I was there I met Mr. Doe.

I don’t really know what to think about what he’s saying, but he’s kind and smart.  And he didn’t seem crazy to me.  All I really know is that he needs help.

He was really frustrated and didn’t trust the people at the hospital.  I brought him my old iphone, and set him up to record messages that upload automatically to my dropbox.  And, I told him whatever he recorded, I’d post online.

SO that’s how this all came about.  I get recordings at random when he posts them and then add some music and post them in hopes that someone out there knows him or knows something that can help him.

Sometimes it gets pretty intense (the doctors think he has delusional schizophrenia), but I promised him I’d share it with the world, so here it is.

And seriously though…  the point, is that he needs help.  His memory is all messed up, and someone out there knows him.  If you know anything that could help, please email me at lilymcquail@gmail.com